The right lighting in the workplace requires professional equipment - a wrong lighting concept can lead not only to a sinking work efficiency in the long term, but also to health complaints and an increasing susceptibility to errors. A well thought-out workplace lighting, on the other hand, can have a particularly positive impact on how it works.

Of course, not every workplace can have enough daylight to work efficiently. This makes it all the more important to equip these workstations with optimal lighting. Depending on the activity, however, the requirements for the right lighting in the workplace are very different. PROLICHT offers a variety of choices within the different product families to meet these needs.

The glare-free RICO reflector, for example, has an optimal LOR and produces very little glare. With optimum visual comfort, the new RICO Reflector (stands for Reflector Integrated Cut-Off) is the perfect solution for offices and workplaces.

In the luminaire family @-WORK already says the name, what these lights are suitable. The @WORK floor lamps with SENSO DIM detect the presence of persons and switch the lamp on or off accordingly. In addition, the illuminance is also controlled here - depending on the available daylight.

Of course, in the CORPORATE area, not only is optimal workplace lighting an important issue, but the corporate identity is also an important factor when choosing the right luminaires. On request, all luminaires in addition to the 25+5 PROLICHT colours can also be produced in the respective company colors. In addition, certain lights can also be engraved and emit the unique company identity.