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2LOOK4 is a full family of knife-edge extruded aluminium trimless profile systems with a seamless design offering consistent aesthetics and complete solutions for residential, hospitality, retail and commercial applications. The profiles can run across walls and ceilings, creating three-dimensional continuous lines of light emphasising the geometry of the room and maintaining a minimalist, elegant look.

The range includes visible slots of 20, 25, 50, 80, 130 or 160 mm, offering an incredible variety of architectural lighting solutions. All types either use track-mounted visible or hidden spots, which can be mounted on a 48 V magnet track (MAGTRACK), a 230 V track or with an easy lock PLUG-system. They ensure tool-free mounting or repositioning and offer architects amazing freedom.

Revolutionary advanced technologies and miniaturisation of the electronics allow very slim slots with DALI dimmable modules. Special grooves in the different profiles can be filled with plaster joining compound to create a solid bond between the materials, eliminating possible cracking between the aluminium and the gypsum board. The 2LOOK4 sharp edge minimises the appearance of the light source – light becomes key – rather than the light fitting.

The 2LOOK4 channel, an additional product within the 2LOOK4 range, creates a smart combination of lighting with seamless BIONIQ light fittings. In addtion it is possible to integrate for example audio, air-conditioning and many more utilities too. Maximum flexibility coupled with subtle elegance and sophisticated technology.


2LOOK4 suitable for

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20 | 25

A hybrid lighting solution with spots and general lighting, thats 2LOOK4 profiles 20 and 25. Available as profile 25 (48 V Magtrack) and as profile 20 (230 V Track variant).

TRACK 230 V | A revolutionary mini 230 V track system brings the designer to a whole new level of minimalism. A visible opening of 25 mm houses a deeply recessed track where different lens-based track spots can be mounted. A perfect solution for spaces where lines and light become a part of the architecture.

MAGTRACK 48 V | A hybrid solution with spots and general lighting is possible with the 2LOOK4 profile 25 range. Adjustable spotlights in three sizes (ø 30-40-60 mm) with different lenses and lumen packages can be magnetically installed on the MAGTRACK, ensuring tool-free mounting and repositioning. The inner side of the knife-edge extruded profile with a visible opening of 25 mm is fitted with 48 V conductors and is always black inside. A DC line still offers full control of individual track luminaires by sending commands via the DC power lines.

2Look4 50.jpg 2Look4 50.jpg


2LOOK4 50 offers three profiles available as 48 V-MAGTRACK (tool-free mounting), deeply recessed 230 V TRACK and a knife-edge 230 V PLUG (glare-free modules) variant.

230 V PLUG | This knife-edge profile aluminium extrusion is characterised by glare-free modules. The 4- or 8-lamp MAGIQ modules can be fitted simply and easily moved within the channel using the plug system. The modules can also pivot by 2x25°. In combination with the MAGIQ WALLWASH or MAGIQ HOLLOW WALLWASH modules, a complete architectural solution can be created with optimal visual comfort.

230 V TRACK | The deeply recessed 230 V track ensures that the driver housings of the lights are unobtrusively hidden in the channel. A black cover creates a pure minimalistic look. The CENTRIQ 60-75-95 can be integrated to create a wide range of applications from low to high lumen packages. A black cover hides the track itself.

48 V MAGTRACK | The 48 V MAGTRACK ensures tool-free mounting of the different lens-based CENTRIQ spots. A well-engineered multi-axis system enables full adjustment of the hidden spots.

2Look4 80-130-160.jpg 2Look4 80-130-160.jpg

80 | 130 | 160

2LOOK4-Family offers additionally wide channels with tool-free installation, Multi Axis Positioning and optional backlights (160), available in three profiles with 80, 130 and 160 mm.

UTILITY CHANNEL | The 2LOOK4 trimless channel with a visible opening of 160 mm creates a smart combination of seamlessly integrated adjustable BIONIQ luminaires with integrated audio and air-conditioning and many more utilities too. Once fitted, it can simply be folded out of the ceiling for maintenance purposes.

TOOL-FREE TWIST LOCK | The 2LOOK4 profile 80 and 130 trimless systems have mounting rails on both sides allowing tool-free installation (spots) by means of twist locks.

MAP SYSTEM | All spots are hidden in the channel. An adjustable articulated arm with a MAP System (Multi Axis Positioning System) makes it possible to adjust the rotation, angle and height of the spots and even tilt them out of the ceiling.

BACKLIGHT | Two integrated LED channels allow optional backlights to add contour lighting and can be switched on separately. Build complex shapes using corner joiners, personalise your system with a choice of beam angles, colour temperature, honeycombs and lens accessories.