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One look – boundless possibilities: With the INVADER spotlight – PROLICHT once again demonstrates the great flexibility of its range. INVADER is characterised by the ease with which it can be configured and tailored to any individual situation – its technical sophistication and its visual identity. Whether you’re looking for a WALLWASH or a PENDANT for pleasant restaurant lighting – something to set a dramatic scene in a retail-store or a harmonious lighting solution for a comfortable home – INVADER is a bespoke solution for every demand.

With its sophisticated illumination effect and operation – this spotlight captivates customers – providing excellent visual comfort and is simple to install. The inset reflector with a deep KORONA CONE to reduce glare are typical of the INVADER family. The large number of versions – such as the FIX – ADJUSTABLE or WALLWASH variants – available in all fitting types from trimless to suspended and even wall mounted – make INVADER the master of customisation. Different sizes (Ø 40/75/85 and 150 mm) and a range of fitting different cone depths provide the best possible configuration options for any lighting design. The front cone can also be replaced after installation – for example to change the colour or colour combination.

Selected products can be equipped with PROLICHTs NATURAL DIM or TUNABLE WHITE-technology or SPECIAL LEDs. With surface finishes in 25+5 PROLICHT colours and matching coloured suspension wires – INVADER blends seamlessly into any interior.


INVADER suitable for

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Limitless applications and award-winning design raise INVADER to the upper echelons of custom lighting. Its outstanding visual comfort is achieved by the KORONA CONE – customisable in 25+5 colours to create a unique appeal.

REFLECTOR | Integrated reflectors ( 18°/25°/40°) with an excellent efficiency and an uniform light distribution without spectral colour appearances.

HEAT SINK | A optimised heatsink allows a lumen package up to 2950 lm with only a diameter of 150 mm maximum. The low recessed depth is a big advantage in applications with limited space.

KORONA CONE | The cone of INVADER is available in different heights. It gets simply screwed into the trimless housing. The cone is available in all 25+5 PROLICHT colours.

EASY MOUNTING | Ceiling thickness can be set aside – thanks to the easy mounting system for INVADER randlos. It ensures a perfect seamless integration in the ceiling.

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Whether FIXED, ADJUSTABLE, WALLWASH, WALL-MOUNTED or SUSPENDED, any INVADER variant can be used in demanding lighting designs, maintaining the same look. Different sizes (Ø40/75/85 and 150 mm) – trimless or recessed – and a range of fitting cone depths provide the best possible configuration solutions for residential applications, shops, hotels or restaurants.




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Easy installation and tool-free access to the driver for maintenance purposes, even in a trimless mount, were the aims during the design process. In case of a recessed INVADER 85, a mounting frame with a small trim enables easy removal of the entire fitting. A similar click system is available for trimless situations, without damaging the plastered ceiling.

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INVADER is characterised by the ease with which it can be configured and tailored to any individual situation. By selecting the colour of the outside and the cone, the LED colour temperature, the beam angle and even the colour of the suspended power feed cable – a unique product is born with the designer’s personal touch. PROLICHT's unique DNA enables it to “make the difference”, providing added value for designers.

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The high precision – deep reflector directs the light effectively past the cone without changing the light colour. However – the coloured cone does alter the effect of the light. Simply switch on the lights for a real wow effect: the coloured cone reflects the light in such a way that it appears to be lit from within. The cone can be personalised in a range of colours. KORONA is also a perfect solution to match with the interior or for branding.

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In the HANGOVER PLUG variant, the latest model of the INVADER HANGOVER series with the same bayonet connection as it is also known from the SNOOKER family appears. The ingenious docking system allows easy adjustment, fixation and replacement of the luminaire - it guarantees quick replacement and quick locking of the various HANGOVER PLUG modules. The luminaire can be used with GRAVITY LIFT in all G-50 channels as well as G-BOARDs - just like the popular SNOOKER luminaire.

In addition, the HANGOVER PLUG luminaire is also available as a single luminaire with an optional recessed or surface mounted canopy. The luminaire is available with a rope length of 2 or 4 meters and can be manually shortened or extended at any time by winding it in the canopy.

The integrated lens optics allow beam angles between 24° and 58°. The available variants with LFO technology from Bartenbach (34° or 55°) offer maximum effect with minimal light emission opening.

The INVADER HANGOVER luminaires are equipped with a wide range of dimming options: the available versions with DALI-Dim and Casambi also support Push-Dim.


Like the SNOOKER luminaire, HANGOVER PLUG can be mounted on the GRAVITY LIFT and can therefore be flexibly adjusted horizontally and vertically at any time.



HANGOVER PLUG is available in different versions: with KORONA CONE, KORONA SHINE or LFO lens.


The ingenious docking system allows the SNOOKER and HANGOVER PLUG luminaires to be replaced at any time.