Product Families



PI² is the perfect solution for classic, large-surface illumination. The neutral surface luminaires are available in trimless, recessed, surface-mounted or suspended versions. They can be mounted onto walls and ceilings, and are available in rectangular (PI² WHITELINE) and square (PI²) versions. Microprismatic screens and opal diffusers ensure optimal illumination for the space.  With PI², both direct and direct/indirect illumination is possible. The KORONA EFFECT is a remarkable design element. A special mounting ring sets the illumination surface back in the ceiling. Its visible lateral edge produces a clear corona and is, of course, also available in colour.


Discreet or striking – the right angles of PI2 make either possible and provide even illumination for classic, neutral, general lighting.

KORONA FRAME | The standard recessed frame integrates the luminaire flush with the ceiling. Optionally a KORONA FRAME is available which shifts the luminaire back a bit. The visible trim can be modified in 25+5 PROLICHT colours.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION | The diffusor is foreseen with a step to enhance a seamless integration.

LED BOARD | A PCB (printed circuit board) for latest LED delivers maximum lumen efficiency.

DIFFUSER | The opal diffusor provides a homo-geneous and even light distribution. Optionally a microprism is available (exept: trimless variant).

CEILING THICKNESS | All frames come with a bezel for easy installation into gypsum ceilings from 10–30 mm.


The PI² surface mounted range is foreseen with an internal locking mechanism. This ensures a quick installation and a tool-free removal of the entire housing for maintenance reasons. The different sizes in combination with an extremely flat housing offer the designer a creative freedom – be it subtly in the background or as an eye-catching feature.


Using the KORONA FRAME entire luminaires can be set-back into the ceiling. This makes the lateral edge of the frame visible and creates a clear corona. The mounting frame can be finished in one of 25+5 PROLICHT colours to intensify the KORONA EFFECT with colour. A special feature of KORONA FRAME is, that the emitted light does not change colour and stays white.