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The SIGN Diva surface-mounted luminaire impresses with a very slim and elegant luminaire structure with only 37 mm height, which is made possible by the use of in-house developed special LED boards.

The SIGN Diva surface-mounted luminaires can be equipped with 4 different diffusers:
- Opal diffuser for even area illumination
- Microprism diffuser for a particularly good glare reduction
- Sparkling Secret diffuser for a particularly sparkling shine effect
- Vintage Industrial diffuser for an appearance that varies according to the viewing angle

The luminaire can be equipped with an additional Korona shine ring in 6 different colours. This ring is made of transparent acrylic material and is placed directly over the diffuser, creating a very special lighting effect. The ring is interchangeable at any time, allowing flexible adaptation to the interior design.

In addition, the SIGN Diva surface-mounted luminaires are also available with indirect aura lighting - this allows a backlit indirect lighting.

The luminaire itself can also be configured in one of the 25+5 PROLICHT colours - which makes every SIGN Diva surface-mounted luminaire a truly tailor-made one-of-a-kind.

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