SNOOKER is not just a suspended luminaire on its own; its creative installation is essentially based on the innovative concept of the GRAVITY LIFT (patent pending). The basic idea behind this system is the freedom to change the light in height or position according to your needs at any given time. The magic of the lift system is the infinitely variable adjustability, with an audible click every 10 cm.
Firstly, the GRAVITY LIFT allows you to create Modelling, where you configure your own formation or sculpture within your space or geometry. PROLICHT has developed an online configurator for this to plan your model within the space, with the option to export this file.
A second way is to use the lift as SERVING, a tool to not only adjust the height of the SNOOKER suspended lighting, but also to make a linear translation in a trimless, surface mounted or suspended channel.

SNOOKER itself is fitted with the latest Bartenbach LFO technology to ensure glare-free suspended lighting. The spheres are available in 25 standard colours, with or without light (DECOR), or with a SHINE-coloured line to give a special touch to your design. An ingenious docking system at the end of the wire ensures a quick change and lock for the different spheres. The magnetic installation (48 V DC) of the GRAVITY LIFT allows due to an unique bolt mechanism maximum freedom and flexibility to design and create innovative and customised lighting sculptures.
The cleverly-engineered lift also makes it possible to configure a certain pattern with G-BOARDS, using four suspended lights each time, in such a way that your ceiling becomes a graphic.
SNOOKER is a perfect solution for lobbies, for restaurants where the tables are often rearranged, etc. A real creative solution for hospitality settings, where every designer can leave their mark on a project.