Record Time Production

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We produce Just-in-Time

In a market that is becoming ever more automated and standardised, our bespoke high-tech solutions make a crucial difference. Our ability to understand the uniqueness of our products, to produce and finish them to perfection is what makes our quality stand out. We regard ourselves as a high-tech manufacturer and our employees see themselves as bespoke craftsmen, creating their truly personal product for you. In record time and to the day. And all checked personally and passionately.

You can count on that.


High Fidelity.

In the heart of Tyrol, a simple piece of aluminum creates a masterpiece. High quality unique items are produced from the raw material on site. A core element of the PROLICHT philosophy is to implement all production steps in our own factory in Tyrol. So we are able to control the quality, production speed and all employment conditions.

The 400 m² production site right next to the company headquarters offers all the possibilities to produce almost any luminaire in an unbeatably short delivery time. In addition to the approximately 6000 standard luminaires, which can be manufactured according to customer requirements, PROLICHT also produces numerous tailor-made luminaires. The combination of state-of-the-art CNC milling, CNC punching, top turning machines, an in-house powder coating system and the motivated PROLICHT team guarantee our customers endless possibilities and fast reaction and delivery times. This is the recipe with which we successfully fulfill all customer requirements in record time.

We promise that non-query orders can be produced within 5 business days if they are sent to us by 15.00. Handshake quality and reliability enjoy a very high priority in Tyrol. At PROLICHT, we take this to heart and turn simple words into reality. Our on-time delivery reliability of 98.3% speaks a clear language.