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MECHANIQ is a simple introduction to professional lighting. With this highly flexible family of premium quality spots, the perfect lighting solution can be achieved simply and easily in every retail store. MECHANIQ spots can be optimally adapted to ever-changing arrangements on all kinds of sales areas.

The round or square spots are available in two sizes and are suited for trimless and recessed mounting. All spots feature various rotating and swivelling applications, allowing maximum flexibility for the precise and effortless execution of individual illumination concepts. Each of the four versions – STANDARD, COMFORT, DEEP and EFFICIENCY – has a different main focus: the greatest number of setting options, a discreet appearance or an optimal glare-free solution.

The square version of the lamp is also available with two spots in one housing. PROLICHT also offers the SUPER SPOT for a very precise lighting effect. The MECHANIQ spots can be equipped with LED TUNABLE WHITE or SPECIAL LEDs on request. The lamps can be finished in one of 25+5 PROLICHT colours, allowing a seamless integration into any colour concept.

The latest generation of COB LEDs are used. Depending on the used driver, lower or intermediate values are possible. To make maintenance easier, the lighting unit of the MECHANIQ spots can be completely removed (except EFFICIENCY) – a feature made possible by a release clamp developed by PROLICHT. The clamp holds the unit in place but frees it from its mounting when pressed firmly.


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Flexible, adaptable recessed spots with extreme ease of use – MECHANIQ is the uncomplicated solution for professional shop lighting.

UNIQUE LOCKING SYSTEM | A unique release clamp ensures an easy Installation and removal of the spot in case of maintenance.

TROUBLEFREE MOUNTING | A ring ensures an easy tilting and places the spot depending on COMFORT or STANDARD version.

REFLECTOR | The MECHANIQ-Family offers high-grade aluminium reflectors with beam angles from SUPER SPOT to FLOOD (40°).

EASY ACCES | clips guarantee an easy removal of the front-cover including the glass and reflector.

Mechaniq Comfort vs. Efficiency NEU.jpg Mechaniq Comfort vs. Efficiency NEU.jpg


The COMFORT range is characterised by a deeper recessed unit with a higher tilting point. The moving part of the unit is discreetly integrated into the ceiling when set at a tilted positio, achieving a higher level of visual comfort with better glare reduction. Up to 355° rotation and 30° tilt are possible. COMFORT is available in sizes M and L. In M, the spot is recessed by 30 mm, and by 48 mm in L.

The MECHANIQ EFFICIENCY luminaire has a dual adjustment option, featuring positive (45°) and negative (15°) tilting and 355° rotation. EFFICIENCY is available in sizes M and L (recessed only).



Mechaniq Deep Glare Reduction.jpg Mechaniq Deep Glare Reduction.jpg


A deeply (40 mm) recessed spot offers the highest possible levels of glare reduction. The lamp can be rotated 355° and tilted 30°. DEEP is only available in size M. The spot cone is available in one of 25+5 PROLICHT colours.

Mechaniq Full Solution High Performance.jpg Mechaniq Full Solution High Performance.jpg


These spots are available in two sizes as well as in ROUND and SQUARE versions. A TWIN lamp version allows maximum flexibility within your lighting concept. All spots feature various rotating and swivelling options. The entire range is suitable for TRIMLESS or RECESSED mounting. A perfect solution for projects where high lumen packages are required.

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With SPECIAL LEDs, PROLICHT offers illuminants that delivery extraordinary CRI-values (e.g: R9 for saturated red) over the entire spectrum. The LEDs high monochromatic colour fidelity allows for the creation of lighting for very special purposes. Be it Meat+, Gold+, Art or Fashion – with SPECIAL LEDs and PROLICHTs intelligent reflector technology MECHANIQ luminaires can be perfectly optimised to meet the needs for different areas of application. TUNABLE WHITE LEDs are available on request.

GOLD+ | Pastries are illuminated by this delightfully warm light with a heavy golden tone.
FASHION | Brilliantly orchestrating the entire colour range in garments without impairing colour perception.
ART | Staging pieces of art without influencing the perception of individual colours.