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Excellent light quality with minimal recess depth – that is the specialty of OIKO. The LED downlights, which are recessed into the ceiling, are perfect for uniform and glare-free lighting in retail-areas and offices.

The clever designed spot can be installed in ceilings with extremely limited installation depth. For the flawless implementation of individual lighting concepts, the lamps are fitted with aluminium reflectors with excellent reflective properties, which allow a range of beam angles. OIKO can be used to achieve both narrow accentuations and wide-beam floodlighting. Four diameters from 60 to 160 mm offer customised solutions for any area of application.

In the OIKO WIDE and OIKO COMFORT versions, a baffle improves glare control and creates the desired light mood. The spots can be optimised for specific uses with SPECIAL LEDs upon request. Changes to the light mood can be achieved through the optionally available PROLICHT NATURAL DIM. The OIKO range is available
as recessed and trimless variants.


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The best ceiling lighting in shops and offices despite low fitting heights – it can only be OIKO. Available in a wide choice of beam angles and sizes, the LED downlights with the Visual Optimization Baffle in 25+5 colours offer a varied range of lighting effects.

STANDARD vs. COMFORT | A deep recess with a visual optimisation baffle (VOB) improves glare control in the COMFORT range and creates the desired lighting mood. The height of the baffle varies from 15 to 30 mm depending on the size of the OIKO luminaire. The baffle is available in 25+5 colours and adds a special reflection to the reflector.

OIKO WIDE | The secondary reflector, in combination with the microprismatic screen, produces a uniform wide beam and offers excellent visual comfort at the same time.

MOUNTING | The OIKO range is available in trimless and recessed versions and a range of different sizes. A special trimless mounting system allows the installer to adjust the mounting wings for different heights on site.

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In addition to the standard OIKO luminaire, the reflector of the OIKO COMFORT is deeply recessed through a visual optimisation baffle (VOB: 15–30 mm), improving glare control and creating the desired lighting mood. The baffle can be finished in one of 25+5 PROLICHT colours upon request. Individually selected baffle colours are softly mirrored in the facets of the reflector, creating an astonishing effect.
A baffle in 02 BLACK VELVET improves glare reduction and increases the level of visual comfort as a result. Finished in 03 CRYSTAL WHITE, the baffle and lamp fit in discreetly with the ceiling surface, thereby avoiding the appearance of dark holes in the ceiling.

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OIKO WIDE is specially designed for maximum efficiency and a low UGR value. The high-quality reflector is complemented by a second reflector cone. A highly translucent microprismatic screen produces strikingly uniform wide beam floodlighting. The OIKO 100/130/160 is fitted with Zhaga certified LEDs. The OIKO range is available with TUNABLE WHITE or SPECIAL LEDs on request.

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Minimum recessed depth combined with maximum output was the aim during the OIKO design process. Efficient heat management is ensured through a sealed die-cast cooling element with optimally-sized cooling ribs, enabling a high lumen package and avoiding any light leakage towards the back (ZERO LIGHT LEAKAGE). The perfect solution for acoustic or perforated ceilings. The OIKO range is also available in IP54 versions.