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SIGN – classic illumination that sets new standards. The round, seamlessly welded surface lights make a discreetly elegant impression but set unique accents in any space. In playing with various sizes and classic or unconventional arrangements, SIGN becomes a formative architectural element. SIGN is available in a number of different sizes and it can be installed in ceilings using any mounting type from trimless, recessed, surface mounted to suspended. The SIGN DIVA suspended range can be installed with a central wire suspension or a central rod system. With a well-engineered and patented swivelling system, PROLICHT has enlarged the entire collection with a new masterpiece: the SIGN DIVA DANCER. This new range features a unique adjustment system, enabling maximum flexibility and allowing the designer to create eye-catching compositions on both the ceiling and walls. The playful SIGN DIVA DANCER is a perfect solution for hospitality environments, shops, atriums… where changing scenarios are required.

The in-house designed boards with SPECIAL LEDs grant a very slim look of just 37 mm in height. The KORONA EFFECT is a remarkable design element. A new range of diffusers, such as SPARKLING SECRET and VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL complete the entire SIGN range with unique applications in hospitality settings, restaurants, shops, etc. besides the existing opal and microprismatic glare-free covers.

All the luminaires in the SIGN family can be finished in one of 25+5 PROLICHT colours with an additional choice of 5 coloured suspension cords, for a harmonious or contrasting integration into any interior design colour concept.


SIGN suitable for

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Pleasant general lighting with design options: the round SIGN luminaire is available in a range of sizes and colours, providing a discreet architectural accent.

TOOL-FREE ADJUSTMENT | An ingenious patented adjustment system of the SIGN DIVA DANCER ensures a tool-free adjustment in steps over 10° (range of +/-50°). To adjust, remove the canopy by means of springs and press on both Prolicht marked release clips.

INTERNAL COVER | An internal cover ensures a continuous closure of the movement opening of the canopy during the rod adjustment. The light fitting itself is infinitely variable over 180°.

STEPLESS HINGE | A solid hinge with a precise friction system at the bottom of the rod allows a stepless and tool-free adjustment over +/-90° in all directions. For large sizes, an additional suspension is required.

KORONA FRAME & KORONA SHINE | The inside of the KORONA version with 51 mm height is available in 25+5 PROLICHT colours (KORONA FRAME). An optional coloured plexi ring can be added to the standard range of SIGN DIVA DANCER of 37 mm, to create an special glowing KORONA SHINE effect.


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The in-house designed PCB boards equipped with special LED-chips ensure enhanced light transmission and perfect illumination with the OPAL DIFFUSER. A bright, glare-free light with an optimum UGR value, provided by a special MICROPRISMATIC cover, is a perfect solution for workplaces. In addition to the opal diffuser and microprism, PROLICHT offers two new decorative diffusers: The SPARKLING SECRET (SPS) cover with its sophisticated special structure emphasises the sparkling effect of the LEDs and guarantees powerful light transmission, as well as offering a perfect solution for hospitality environments. The VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL (VI) diffuser with a honeycomb prismatic touch provides an enjoyable lighting effect that creates a different look depending on the angle from which you are looking.


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The new innovative SIGN DIVA DANCER range with sophisticated technology and an flexible swivelling system allows the designer to play with eye-catching compositions on both the ceiling and walls. The range comes in different sizes and with an adjustable 750 mm or 1500 mm rod. The light fitting itself is infinitely variable over 180°, while with a patented ingenious system, tool-free adjustment of the rod (+/-50° in steps of 10°) results in playful scenarios (SIGN DIVA DANCER). An additional wire suspension is forseen for diameters of 850 mm onwards or a tube length of 1500 mm. Set the light where you need it!

The unique pivot system can be adjusted without steps & tools and a unique cover plate ensures a consistently uniform appearance.



Adjustment System Header.jpg Adjustment System Header.jpg


A well-engineered hinge with a precise friction system at the bottom of the rod enables stepless and tool-free adjustment over +/-90°. The SIGN DIVA DANCER light can be fixed in any position. This adjustment, in combination with the swivelling system, gives the designer the ultimate freedom to light up their space. A perfect solution for hospitality, corporate settings and public spaces.


SIGN DIVA stepless adjustment system


The SIGN DIVA DANCER PLAY luminaire can always be positioned exactly as it is needed.

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Central suspension, different coloured wires – The central suspension system allows the luminaire to subtly integrate into almost any interior. The power feed cable is available in 5 colours and offers a remarkable interplay of colours in combination with the colour of the SIGN light source. During the design process, Prolicht once again demonstrates its DNA, more specifically: eye-for-detail, making a difference and being unique. The suspension system is available as standard in 2 m and 6 m lengths.

Sign Korona Effect.jpg Sign Korona Effect.jpg


The idea for the KORONA feature came from a simple desire – to help designers create something unique for their project. A coloured transparent ring called the KORONA SHINE is lit up as a playful glowing element and is available in 6 colours (only fits the 37 mm height version). The KORONA FRAME is a second remarkable design element in which the diffuser is set back 15 mm into the light fitting, which illuminates the coloured edges visible at the sides, producing a clear corona. The KORONA is available in 25+5 PROLICHT colours and has a height of 51 mm.

Sign Soft Colourful Aura.jpg Sign Soft Colourful Aura.jpg


Well-defined openings at the top of the surface mounted SIGN series emphasise a decorative AURA light effect up towards the ceiling. The choice of 6 integrated coloured diffusers (red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white) allows the architect the create a floating light effect.

The PPMA-covered LED openings on the top plate are designed in such a way as to ensure perfect DIRECT/INDIRECT illumination (50%-50%) for additional emphasis of the ceiling.


PRO_Sign Diva IP44_web.jpg PRO_Sign Diva IP44_web.jpg


The iconic SIGN DIVA surface-mounted luminaire - for wall and ceiling mounting - is now available in a protected version for covered outdoor areas and wet rooms. Thanks to its special construction, the IP44-standard luminaire is protected against the ingress of dirt and water from all sides.

For the IP44 version, an optional Korona Frame and Korona Shine Ring are available. The standard variant comes with an opal diffuser, but optionally also the Sparkling Secret or Vintage Industrial Diffuser is available.


Application IP44