Product Families





The SMOOTHY family of surface lights are characterised by their minimalist form and discreet, elegant appearance. Whether for shops, offices or public areas, both the quadrilateral SMOOTHY and the longer SMOOTHLINE are a harmonious addition to any interior and provide pleasant general lighting. The stylish SOFT-EDGE DESIGN (just like @-WORK or GLORIOUS) gives it a unique identity. The corners of these precisely drawn forms are softly rounded, while the angularity of the light elements themselves is accentuated – a striking commitment to clear design that is easily recognisable.


Its stylish SOFT EDGE DESIGN, flexible applications and even illumination make SMOOTHY the perfect general luminaire for elegant interior design.

LED BOARD | Hexagonal LED boards (developed by PROLICHT) guarantee an homogenious light effect without having any dark spots. They offer maximum luminous efficancy. Besides the energy-efficient LEDs, available in 3000 and 4000 K.

DIFFUSER | Available with an opal diffuser for homo-genous and uniform light distribution or a microprismatic screen for a better visual comfort, providing a high luminous efficiency.

COVER | The central housing is kept in the same SOFT-EDGE DESIGN as the fitting. The housing and the suspension canopies are coloured in the same colour as the fitting.


Korona Frame

The KORONA FRAME EFFECT, adapted from the sun, represents a remarkable design element. A special mounting ring sets the illumination surface back in the ceiling. Its visible lateral edge produces a clear corona and is, of course, also available in 25+5 PROLICHT colours.

Soft Edge Design

Soft curves and clearly defined edges: SOFT EDGE DESIGN provides scope for designers. The tension between the soft lines and strong contours allows the lamp to subtly integrate into almost any interior design. All SMOOTHY luminaires are available in a choice of trimless, recessed, surface mounted or suspended fitting options. GLORIOUS and @-WORK also display the purist of SOFT EDGE DESIGN silhouette.


With SMOOTHY, both direct and direct/indirect illumination is possible. Another lighting scenario represents the soft and pleasant AURA light (additional emission of light back to ceiling). Here, the surface-mounted version of the lamp is installed using spacers to create a small distance from the ceiling.