141 Walker Street Sydney

141 Walker Street

Sydney, Australia

141 Walker Street is one of the most sought after and best known office buildings in Sydney and shapes its skyline with its extraordinary appearance. As one of the leading office addresses in the Australian metropolis, the property houses many leading consulting, finance and engineering companies. The elegant building has a central core and offers plenty of natural light with spectacular views of Sydney Harbor.

Just as you enter the skyscraper, you will notice the particularly luxurious design and the high-quality materials - the entire atmosphere of the room leaves no doubt about the big business in it. The extensive lobby of the prestigious building also offers a special eye-catcher: a unique suspension and arrangement of GLORIOUS luminaires in the colour 24 Golden Heart makes the public area of ​​141 Walker Street an architectural highlight.

Lightplanning: Lightstudio MG | Interior Design: Incorp | Photo: Luc Remond