The Buchan Group Melbourne

The Buchan Group

Melbourne, Australia

The Australian Buchan Group is all about good design, architecture and diversity. The company not only designs unique buildings, it also plans projects from the initial concept through to completion. With a very strong network in various areas - from interior design, planning to graphic design - and many locations in Australia, Dubai, London or even Shanghai, the design studio also offers many special solutions and enormous space for individuality. 

The Melbourne site is located in the 1917 landmarked Mail Exchange Building, where Buchan occupies the entire first floor. The office consists of a large and open work space, as well as several small meeting rooms and niches, where designers can interact and have space for creative ideas. All interior elements of the studio are kept in a clear white and create strong and agile contrasts with dark exterior modules. For the entrance area, the design company has chosen a particularly lively interior and the SUPER-G luminaire from PROLICHT was configured in exactly the same form. The interplay between interior and light emphasises here in Melbourne the individual design aspect that the Buchan Group embodies.


Realisation: Light Project | Photo: The Buchan Group