Welle 7 Bern

Welle 7

Bern, Switzerland

For those who get around a lot, the Welle7 - which is situated directly at the Bern train station - offers everything a commuter's heart desires. On more than 14,000 square meters of space and 8 decks, also pedestrians and entrepreneurs will find a unique mix of shops, restaurants, education and business. Various offers, ranging from supermarkets over fitness centres to open-office areas, find their place in the ultra-modern rooms of Welle7.

Multifunctionality is not a foreign word here and in combination with its creative and innovative design, this versatile complex offers a particularly cozy ambience. Especially in the business sector, where everyone can rent top-end meeting and seminar rooms, attention has been paid to a multifunctional and flexible interior, to be able to meet the most diverse requirements of the tenants. Thanks to a unique adjustment system, the SIGN DIVA DANCER PLAY luminaires by PROLICHT ensure maximum flexibility and their unique design offers extremely homogeneous illumination, even in the larger rooms. Changing scenarios pose no challenge in wave 7, and with the INVADER spotlights, the overall lighting concept is further optimised.

Lightplanning: PROLICHT GmbH | Photo: Lichtkompetenz